Pergola House

Bringing the outside in at a South East London home

This traditional Victorian property needed new life breathing into it to meet the needs of a growing family.

A ground-floor extension allowed for total transformation of the kitchen/dining area, creating a seamless link between inside and out.

Project scope

Timber-framed single storey extension



Completed October 2021

A wide oak door frame with wooden floors underfoot and Victorian fireplaceColourful kitchen with light green cabinets, white worktops and pink walls
A view inside a timber framed kitchen extension with colourful cabinets and clay rendered walls

This has transformed an area of our house where it was traditionally very difficult for us to be able to live. Now, our family comes to life on the ground floor.

Ben is phenomenal at what he does. He really understood our brief and added two extra rooms, through a blend of wizardry I’m still amazed by. Other people on our road are very jealous!

James Greenfield, home owner
An external rear view of the timber framed extension at Pergola House in LondonClose up of a timber pergola and brickwork at a South London home
A view through a wide oak framed doorway into a kitchen extension in South London

Family-life was the key consideration throughout this project, but practicality did not come at the cost of style.

We enlarged the kitchen space with the timber-framed extension, using warm and tactile materials such as clay render, oak and terrazzo throughout to create a bold and colourful interior.

High shelves are integrated between the timber structure to display items beyond the reach of small hands, while an inside/outside bench creates an adaptable seating area, providing a contemplative spot in winter and a sociable link to the garden in summer.

A colourful kitchen extension with light green cabinets, white worktops, pink walls and wooden window detailing
A trailing plant in a plant pot sitting on a wooden window ledge above clay rendered walls.

The colour palette is a muted interpretation of the rich contrasting tones of the original Victorian house interior. The brickwork emulates the traditional London stock brick, using a combination of bonds to create a contemporary feel.

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